What they sang at the Paris victims’ Jerusalem funeral

A Song of Ascents: I lift mine eyes unto the mountains whence cometh my help… The singer is Lior Elmaleh.

jerusalem funeral

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  • It is not so much what ‘they’ sang. The singer is Lior Elmaleh, a renowned Israeli singer of the Arabo-Andalusian repertoire, who for instance regularly performs in Jordi Savall’s wonderful East-West Mediterranean music projects. Many Tunisians are unpleasantly surprised about the fact that one of the victims, Yoav Hattab, son of a rabbi in Tunis and grandson of the famous singer Doukha (Mordechai Haddad), was buried in Israel and not in Tunis. In fact in Israel the Sephardic Jewish community
    for decades was marginalised, which may be underlined by the fact that the singer of the funeral ceremony is not mentioned, or as is shown on the Facebook page, has his name pronounced and spelled incorrectly, as Elmaliah.

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