Websites are excluded from the new Paris Philharmonie

The three prominent classical review sites in the French language, ResMusica (Fr), Crescendo (Belg) and Pizzicato (Lux), have been shut of of the opening of the new Paris concert hall. Apparently, too many tickets are required for government officials and foreign dignitaries.






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  • C’est la vie. Considering who wields the greatest influence on the well-being and future of such an institution, I too would coddle and regale the officials and dignitaries and gently turn away the critics and classical review sites.

    • Indeed. And after the opening, most of the politicians won’t bother to return, so there will be room enough for the critics.

      • Very true. One need only look at the countless inaugurations, premieres and openings where they didn’t even bother to show up in the first place.

  • I do think Mr. Grimm makes a valuable point, given today’s realities. But as newspapers cut their arts sections, and dismiss or re-assign their expert critics, the websites are more and more important as channels of communication, discussion and critique of what is still managing to limp along in the classical music world.

    So Mr. Lebrecht is also right. It is very unwise. Not that the sites will take revenge — they will probably reluctantly accept the explanation — but every time this happens, there is LESS coverage of what might well be a sparkling event that could help a talented writer communicate the excitement of the genre to a few new souls who might go out to the hall.

  • Well then, here’s a website review anyway:
    Based on the photo those upper tier, upstage seats look mighty scary. The pitch would have to be pretty severe in order to allow a full view of the orchestra. Long-legged folks best shift their legs to one side if they hope to see anything at all.

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