Venezuela’s media ’emasculated’ by Sistema brother

Venezuela’s media ’emasculated’ by Sistema brother


norman lebrecht

January 14, 2015

We’ve been hearing from journalists on El Univeral, once a vigorous newspaper in Caracas but since last July placed under the chairmanship of Jesús Abreu Anselmi, representing a shadowy group of investors.  The journalists (and many readers) say the paper has been dulled down to a shadow of its former self and will not publish anything critical of the country’s despotic government.

The new chairman is the brother of the founder of El Sistema, José Antonio Abreu (pictured), visionary light of Venezuela’s music.

Jesús Abreu was previously involved in a banking crash.




  • Rgiarola says:

    Who is going to be the VP? Any Dudamel relatives?

  • enemigopublico says:

    Worth highlighting this, though it was a different brother (Rafael Enrique) who found himself in the middle of the banking scandal.

    The Simon Bolivar orchestra recently played on the roof of the HQ of El Universal, providing both enterprises with some extra publicity.

  • Millie says:

    The whole thing is sickening, like the situation in Venezuela. The whole basket is putrefact! The brother is madfe out of the same block! Putrefact! What else can we all say?