The post-irony awards

The post-irony awards


norman lebrecht

January 29, 2015

The Association of British Orchestras is holding its annual gabfest in Gateshead. To keep participants awake, Rhinegold Publishing announces a series of awards for the most notable small-island attainers. We present the winners below without comment. This is an irony free zone.


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ABO/Rhinegold orchestra manager of the year: Auroraorchestra’s John Harte

ABO/Rhinegold orchestra manager of the year: Michael Eakin of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

ABO/Rhinegold artist manager of the year: Jasper Parrott and the HarrisonParrott team

The overall ABO award: Mark Elder, music director of the Halle Orch.


  • Halldor says:

    Fail to see the problem with at least three of these: staff at three thriving, financially stable and critically-acclaimed orchestras who’ve brought their organisations through very testing times. (Michael Eakin at Liverpool is “Concert Hall manager of the Year”, and he’s overseen a huge ongoing refurbishment project at a major historic building with no break in the artistic programme – no mean feat).

  • Peter says:

    The ABO conference goes like this every year:
    Orchestra Manager A: “We don’t have enough funding, how about you?”
    Orchestra Manager B: “Neither do we.”
    Orchestra Manager A: “OK. Beer?”

  • Iain Scott says:

    What’s a “small island attainer” ?
    I rather liked hearing something about the UK as opposed to some US backwater which comprise too much Slipped Disc content these days.