NY police release Met protestor without charge

NY police release Met protestor without charge


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2015

We have been informed that Dr Roman Torgovitsky was released from custody on Friday evening, after being arrested the night before for invading the stage of the Metropolitan Opera during curtain calls. He will not be charged with any offence.




  • Milka says:

    I gave Mr. Torgovitsky little chance …and at this point to be proven wrong brought
    not only surprise but pleasure .One thought comes to mind …can the met still go after him?
    The russian apologists must be in a fury . After all that head shaking will Mr. Beczala
    hopefully announce his never again setting foot on the met stage as he at did Le Scala .One good
    outcome is that the comfort zone for the likes of Gergiev,Netrebko Beczala will
    never again be quite the same . Perhaps the 283 ghosts of Flgt. 17 along with countless murdered Ukrainians will begin to find rest . Mr. Torgovitsky must take great care ,having
    annoyed the mad russian bear is no light matter .

    • Marshall says:

      Agreed-he will be a target, and Putin’s gangsters have killed for less.

      Generally I prefer to leave the artists alone on stage (which he really did) and confine your protests to outside….but these artists don’t stick to art, they are active (unnecessarily so) supporters of the is horror, this killer-so they get what they deserve

  • Brian says:

    Why no charges? This is an open invitation to future, perhaps more dangerous, demonstrations. Though wholly sympathetic to his cause such tactics are counterproductive, only invite resentment, and are more than a little childish. But I guess if you have Dr in front of your name you can get away with anything.

    • Marshall says:

      Please…you need to grow up…charge him with trespassing if it makes you feel better. People are dying! a vicious dictator-for a change-rules in Russia

      He did it the right way, he was clever and effective, and politely didn’t disturb the opera. You have it completely wrong-it worked-it made the general news, a vdieo is out there-what does Dr. have to do with it? The Met had lousy security-Gelb’s problem.

  • Shulamit Maneev says:

    I disagree with a decision of Dr.
    not being charged.

    Don’t mixed art with the politics!
    We are in risk to lose great performers,
    who’d want to avoid such incidents.

    It’s a disrespect to the work
    of the Met particular and an
    art in general.

    If you want to protest, go to the
    streets, not a stage.

    I think it’s a huliganism, to say
    the least, and he definitely
    should be charged!

    • milka says:

      Maneev forgets that these deplorable people went” public” with their support of tyranny.
      Gergiev with his approval , Netrebko and her humanitarian flag , and come lately Beczala with his head shaking . Art and politics have always been a twosome in russia and
      to pretend otherwise is hogwash.Disrespect to art in general ,what a laugh,considering
      russian history . Maneev
      might consider the untold killings and devastation brought on by people to whom these
      singers have given public approved . If one sleeps with dogs expect to wake up with fleas.

      • Marshall says:

        Agreed. He did not disturb the performance itself.

        And why can’t the people writing here (very strange and disturbing) understand the difference between artists who are citizens of a gangster state. and try to stay apolitical and pursue their art, as opposed to these two, who actively support Putin-then they must pay the price