Joan Baez on the Paris attacks: I ask permission…

A dignified response from a great artist:

JOAN BAEZ_thumb[3]

To the people of France,

I wish to send my deepest sympathy to those most closely affected by the executions at Charlie Hebdo, and to a French public in mourning. Liberals and conservatives in equal measure understand the value and importance, not to mention joy, of satire, humor, nonsense, and courage in the 21st century. Which makes the executions at Charlie Hebdo more than enraging, more than terrifying, more than shocking (as there is little left to shock us in these times). It makes the murders, simply, heartbreaking.

I ask permission to share in your grief.

Thank you,
Joan Baez

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  • If Joan Baez really appreciates the value of satire, why did the National Lampoon song “Pull the Tregroes,” which parodies her music and politics, completely disappear? It was released on “Radio Dinner” in 1974 and has never been re-released since.

    • Freonpsandoz
      Baez has nothing to do with that record not being available. A lot of her records aren’t available either. That record was not that big of a hit although it was funny in places.
      The title of the song is Pull the Trigger N**GERs” BTW.
      Many people don’t realize that Baez is hilariously funny at most of her shows; she has a very salty sense of humor.
      She is extremely beloved in France and tours there extensively every year. She was the only performer other that the Pope allowed to have a major concert @ Notre Dame (100,000.)

  • It would have been nice if she had also thought to mention the four Jews executed in the same city [redacted: abuse], apparently as part of the same terrorist campaign.

  • Who cares when Ms. Baez posted her comment. She thought enough, she LOVED
    enough to comment. She didn’t have to ask permission to mourn. But her asking
    pointed out not only her greatness, but her caring for others. Ms. Baez, I wish we
    could meet before it is my time to leave this plain. Thank you for sharing your
    humanity and compassion with us through your request.

  • This is such a moving response. Ms. Baez can certainly speak for me, and certainly for many of us in the US.

  • Go Joan ~ always on the rigth side! Appriciating Your song & poems to walk with us a whole life! 🙂 THANKS ~ MERCI!
    Blessings to Charlie for a good creation!

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