How many copies has Vienna’s New Year concert sold?

In the US, one of the key markets, it has shifted precisely 600 CDs, so far, according to pinpoint Nielsen returns.

That’s  barely enough to pay for buttonhole flowers.




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  • This is simply because it was so boring and routine. They play on automatic pilot including the pilot himself. It’s time to stop this circus and to replace it with André Rieu.-:))

    • couldn’t agree more, boring and typical Mehta, what did you expect? Since Kleiber has conducted it no reason to watch it….Karajan also fabulous. They knew to get the right sound, tempi and colors.

      • I think it’s time they give you a call. Are you free at the end of this year and the beginning of the next?

    • this tired-old format is only really commercial in Austria and Asia. Mehta was particularly boring but as is the case with many of his performances, it’s Autopilot ‘put the money in the top and the notes come out at the bottom’….
      Really only Kleiber, Karajan and Jansons injected any spark into the proceedings….

        • Indeed, even FWM record of this repertoire in the 90’s with London Philharmonic is good (Please, we all know the jokes of Worse than most. No need to repeat here). The funny thing is that my favorite is the 1972 record of the same orchestra with Dorati. Although I’ve been listening to all conductors considered top-notch on this music and along Wiener P. New year’s eve, I’m not ashamed to say that they didn’t sound so good like Dorati/LPO for Decca.

  • Ozawa was one of the biggest selling NYE concerts due to the Japanese market where he is something of a superstar.

  • Seiji Ozawa in 1992 infused it with real spark, too. It’s the best I know on DVD (issued on TDK), except maybe Kleiber’s 1992 awesome performance.
    Also, why would anyone buy a CD of any new year’s concert? DVDs make so much more sense there. The visual aspect is a huge part of the game on that program.

  • It’s always fascinating to see something so popular on TV to be so relatively unpopular as a CD. It’s one of these events that is exactly that, an event. Usually people by CDs for repertoire and for artists. Not surprising these don’t sell too well, because neither the repertoire nor the artists are that interesting by itself. Only the whole package live at that new Years morning is attractive. Only Kleiber and a few others created some memorable moments, the rest is just short lived, to be consumed in the moment.

  • The concert needs new blood. May I suggest the Austrian conductor Manfred Honeck. His Strauss recording with the VSO is amazing! Just check out the reviews e. g. Rob Cowan in the Gramophone magazine.

      • That’s true Linardos. If the purpose is merely commercial($), they would choose Dudamel rather than the real musically top-notch Manfred.

    • I’ve been suggesting Manfred Honeck for the New Year’s Concert for some time. He’s a former member of the Vienna Philharmonic so would have already played in a few! Would the VPO be happy to invite him back?

      The event desperately needs new blood if it is to flourish – as I hope it does.

        • Michael Schaffer! Argues with everyone here, out of compulsion. Failed to show when William Osborne called him out for using a Facebook pseudonym.

          • No, it’s mostly just you and Osbo I like to take down once in a while because you two are the biggest blowhards on this website. Which is actually saying a lot, I guess.
            But even you must realize how silly it is of you to talk about “pseudonyms” here. Still, you really shouldn’t sink down to Osbo’s level with childish nonsense like that. You do seem a little more sane and reasonable than what he comes across as, if still way too full of yourself and your pseudo-snobbish nonsense. I just really wonder how people like you and Osbo maintain your unrealistic self-image when every time your statements get questioned or challenged, you just fold and come back with juvenile and passive-aggressive nonsense?
            You can find me on Facebook if you want, then we can become FB friends! But I only accept requests from people with real names and picture, like in my own FB profile.

  • Ja ja, wunderbare Vorschlag! Manfred Honeck does seem like the best conductor for a future New Year’s concert, and I believe he just recently made a Johann Strauss CD with the Wiener Symphoniker. What other conductors could possibly qualify for this honor in the next few years? And by that, I mean who else really is well versed in the Vienna tradition of performing Strauss?

  • Why does everything need to be new? I tune in to the VPO New Years because I hear what I expect to hear – an old-fashioned, traditional New Years concert. Wonderful! Honestly, with classical music under siege from practically all directions, I don’t undertand the negativity surrounding this particular concert. It’s a great orchestra, fabulous old repertoire, and it’s once a year, folks. Enjoy it.

  • I actually enjoy the predictability of the concert. After all the fireworks and smoke of the night before it’s a wonderful way to start the day. And Strauss once a year is about enough.
    Having said that… I found this year’s a bit tame and lacklustre. Mariss Jansons and Daniel Barenboim’s performances in recent years where much more fun.

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