Here’s what you missed at the Met

From the Polish tenor, Piotr Beczala:

beczala snow

‘We were prepared for everything but not for this!!!!!
As one of the greatest singers says : 5 days in the season the voice sounds perfect, incredible ,amazing – and in those 5 days you don’t have performance… today was the day…’


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  • Is it BECAUSE you knew there wouldn’t be a performance, perhaps? May be it wouldn’t have felt perfect, if you KNEW there WOULD be a performance… The mind is funny that way—it has a sense of humor…

  • He got booed at La Scala and reacted as a petulant child . Had no dignity.
    Shares the stage with the Russian corruption of Marianne , the humanitarian Netrebko, while
    Ukrainians are being killed. The conductor Gergiev is beneath contempt . Poetic justice at work ………….

  • Norman, whatever is supposed to be playing or showing here isn’t playing or showing, and a majority of Slippedisc articles, not quite all, continue to be displayed black, without images, as has been the case for a week now. Thought you should know.

  • Not sure, Norman, what I am suppose to be watching? If it’s a video, then there’s only a still picture on the page of someone in a fur coat, so a bit lost as to what to comment on.

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