Helga Schmidt arrest was ‘excessive’ and ‘unnecessary’, says Valencia governor

Helga Schmidt arrest was ‘excessive’ and ‘unnecessary’, says Valencia governor


norman lebrecht

January 22, 2015

We observed yesterday that the arrest of the artistic director of the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia was scandalous, heavy-handed and conceivably in breach of the European human rights convention.

The government of Valencia now appears to agree. In an extraordinary attack on the prosecuting authorities, the president of the Generalitat, Alberto Fabra, said that the police action at the Palau de les Arts has been “unnecessary”, “excessive” and “disproportionate” as well as damaging to the image of Valencia .

Helga herself is said to be calm but upset. Sources close to her said that the police were acting on information that had been in their possession for two years, originating from a disaffected former employee.




  • Simon S. says:

    Fortunately, prosecutors and judges are independent in Spain. And Mr. Fabra hast vast experience in defending those facing corruption and malversation charges, for this applies for half of his cabinet and his own predecessor, too.

  • RW2013 says:

    The governor looks like Domingo.

  • Slawomir says:

    I have lots of respect for Mr. P.Domingo: he’s one of the greatest singers/musicians of the past and this century, and he’s done a lot of wonderful things for the world of music and for musicians, however, in Valencia whole organization of the Palau de les Arts were not set rite from the very beginning and, in my opinion, the amount of the corruption within the organization and the city of Valencia kept growing disproportionaly out of hands practically from the very beginning. It is sad to see that, once almost a complete new orchestra, has been diminished to a group of people that one can’t even call it a chamber orchestra (look at the orchestra’s roster) and it seems like, now, it only serves to so few above. It looks like the organization’s needs surpassed the means and no one, in the rite time, was able to bring up the white flag. This allows, to many, to take the “rule” of managing it with the opportunity of bringing their own corruption and connections rite to the middle of table. the project that maestro L. Maazel had in mind and envisioned, has started following apart from the day he’s left it (and so did the money). What was once a great opportunity of creating the greatest orchestra on the Iberian Peninsula has only left us with the skeleton of it. I think Mrs Schmidt can take a big credit for it!
    It a pitty that Mr Domingo had to be in the same picture with Mrs Schmidt

  • RosaMD says:

    What is damaging the image of Valencia is the widespread corruption in the local and regional government with unsustainable projects and public works like the same Palau de les Arts or the F-1 racecourse (thanks to Mr Ecclestone).