Diva’s tales: I binged on food. Then booze. Then men.

Diva’s tales: I binged on food. Then booze. Then men.


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2015

Deborah Voigt has been spilling more of the beans. In an interview with People magazine, one of whose writers ghosted her forthcoming memoir, the soprano describes what happened when she stopped overeating.

deborah voigt fat


“My drinking just escalated,” she tells PEOPLE. “It would be nothing for me to go through two bottles of wine, then my blackout would happen sometime around the third bottle.”

Through therapy, she learned about how one addiction can lead to another. Men came next: for a brief time, she even frequented websites for men who wanted “big gals.” “The whole idea of being able to attract a man was so new to me,” notes Voigt. “It was like, ‘Could I?’ Lo and behold, I could, and it was like feeding the monster.”



  • ruben greenberg says:

    Hers sounds like a case of a Prima Donna Juan complex.

  • Paul says:

    on another note, it is sad that probably no one who reads People magazine, nor anyone who edits the magazine will ever notice that they misspelled the name of the opera as
    “Ariadne aug Naxos”

    • MWnyc says:

      That’s nothing. I remember once when the AP sent out over the wires a review with the headline “Voigt Stars As Tannhäuser”.

      The actual review didn’t make that mistake, but the editors who wrote and approved the headline didn’t read the article (or at least didn’t pay attention).

  • Herrera says:

    1) Who knew there were straight male opera groupies with a fetish for large sopranos dressed up as Brunhilde?

    2) That’s a lot of performance pressure for a man: the Ride of the Valkyries lasts exactly 5 minutes and all parties, orchestra included, must all climax at the same time. Alternatively, the Ring lasts exactly 16 hours, that’s a whole lot of viagra.

    3) I wonder if she hits the high C when she…

  • Alex says:

    Based on this headline, I’m calling for a Deborah Voight biopic, starring Melissa McCarthy, to be made.