Deborah Voigt: This is gonna hurt my parents

The US soprano rocket-launched her fat-booze-and-men book today with a blitz of TV and press interviews.

The phrase that caught our eye was the headline grab above. If it’s going to hurt the people you love, why do it?

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  • Perhaps because talking about these things can help others struggling – the net benefit to them may be greater than the jury caused to her parents, perhaps.

  • Not sure what to think, but the British cynic that I am at times makes me feel there’s more money in the bank for confession time, and it’s all a bit too much in your face from America, and they’ll love the book and buy it … I feel quite uncomfortable about this book … but then perhaps there are far more opera singers on drink and drugs than we know, and she’s opening up a can of worms … no idea.

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