Classical musicians looking uncomfortable (9)

Classical musicians looking uncomfortable (9)


norman lebrecht

January 20, 2015

boulez in the kitchen

Boulez à la cuisine…


  • Mathieu says:

    à la cuisine…

  • Nigel Curtis says:

    Karlheinz Stockhausen in his garden. The boots look unconfortable :

  • Mark Shulgasser says:

    Did Stockhausen have a pet lion?

  • chris says:

    One of my favorite composers pics of all time is Stockhausen in front of the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of all of it.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Boulez’ kitchen looks as sterile as his ‘music’ sounds.

    No doubt the parameters of its design follow the same ideological plot that detaches his work from the real world.

    What is he going to eat? A salad? Nothing more? Serially-genetically-manipulated, no doubt, and grown in his laboratory.