Classical musicians looking uncomfortable (4)

Classical musicians looking uncomfortable (4)


norman lebrecht

January 20, 2015

thielemann sport1

The sporty side of Christian Thielemann.

thielemann sport2

You gonna tackle me?


  • Alexander Hall says:

    What about the ridiculous sight of Riccardo Muti in his baseball/soccer jersey or whatever it was? I’d have thought such an aristocratic musician would never have stooped so low. Mind you, even the great Lorin Maazel was not above dangling his bejewelled Rolex watches before our eyes in countless magazines.

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      So a conductor identifying with the orchestra’s community is now considered “stooping”? With attitudes like that it’s not surprising that classical music is vanishing in the public’s eye.

      • Alexander Hall says:

        Some people never get irony, more’s the pity. The choice of “stoop” was quite deliberate: remember Oliver Goldsmith’s “She stoops to conquer”?