Cecilia Bartoli shuns New York on her US comeback

The diva has announced a three-stop California tour in March, her first US dates in more than five years.

‘In California, I have the feeling they listen, share and enjoy, and share this enjoyment with no problem,’ she says. ‘It’s a spontaneous way of reacting. The spontaneity is important.’

Hmmm… what does that say about the East Coast?


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    • Baloney…the New York “professional” arts scene is a rat’s nest. If you’re someone at her level, and have been there and done that, maybe you might feel you can just live without it.

      As far as the critics out west being “nicer,” perhaps the absence of nastiness is being misconstrued as softness. The compulsion to take someone down in a review is not evidence of perspicacity.

    • You say “California gigs PAY” as though that is something Cecilia Bartoli has to worry about. I can assure you, her management is not concerned about lowball fee offers. If she gets $50K to do a recital in Los Angeles, she will expect the same in NYC and she will get it.

  • no idea what she means by that – she more a star among the Germans….in Italy she should not sing as they cannot stand the mannierism of her, just imagine she would sing Norma at La Scala..???

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