And the winner of the Oscar for best original score will be….

And the winner of the Oscar for best original score will be….


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2015

The shortlist:

Music – Original Score
Hans Zimmer, “Interstellar”
Alexandre Desplat, “The Imitation Game”
Johann Johannsson, “The Theory of Everything”
Alexandre Desplat, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
Gary Yershon, “Mr Turner”


Desplat, for sure.

alexandre desplat


  • Mikey says:

    Well, Alexandre’s score is certainly better than Herr Zimmer’s dreadful “soundscape”. However it’s not his best work. It’s a bit of a shame he had to stoop to the “new Hollywood sound” and embrace that pseudominimalism that is so en vogue these days. (the parallel octaves in the straightforward F minor parts are incredibly grating)

  • Tommy says:

    Have I missed something? Why Desplat ‘for sure’? The smart money will be on The Theory of Everything.

  • Gary Carpenter says:

    Even though Mr Turner is the most strikingly original…

  • mr oakmount says:

    My impression has always been that the best score oscar goes to a film that in the opinion of the academy deserved another oscar, but best actor/actress/etc had already been assigned to some other film, so film score it is.
    It is mindboggling to look at some of the film music we now consider classics of the genre and marvel at what other non-entity received the best film score oscar in that same year.