Where’s Anna Netrebko?

Where’s Anna Netrebko?


norman lebrecht

December 26, 2014

Her Facebook page has apparently been taken down after it turned into a Cold War battleground over her Ukraine intervention.

An anodyne fan page remains live.

Her website is passive. Her airline deal (pictured) is at an end.

She next appears in Dresden on Sunday.

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  • Olaugh Turchev says:

    She’s on this blog, virtually every week… sigh.

  • Francesca says:

    Anna made a big mistake!
    Just wonder if her fans will forget or forgive! My Ukrainian friends are done with her! Ouch!

  • WTL says:

    Just read the press guys : she had huge personal triumphs last week in Barcelona and Roma.
    Civilized people have obviously nothing to forgive (as giving money to help art under a banner of peace and Roerich pact isn’t something you have to forgive – except when it comes from a Russian and when you hate Russians ?).
    The page obviously closed to prevent some extremists to spread unfair hatred, manipulated pictures and insanities. They went to the point where they accused her of being a terrorist because in the 9th of May 2010 (Victory day celebration in Russia) she dared to wear a shirt celebrating the victory over nazism. That’s sounds so stupid that you could think it was a joke but it was not.

  • Christy says:

    And her upcoming Met performances aren’t selling at all. They aren’t promoting the performances, and you can’t see her anywhere on the Met site, which is something I don’t remember happening in years.

    She needs to apologize, say she didn’t realize what was happening, and she doesn’t support war.

    • Olaugh Turchev says:

      This article was first published online in December 2014 and in the Met’s Playbill in January 2015.
      Yeah, no promotion at all…

      • Christy says:

        That’s very little and only interviews and quotes Trelinski. Nothing from Anna. Still, it isn’t working. This is opening night, with a new production gala scheduled: http://www.metopera.org/metopera/season/single/reserve.aspx?perf=13135

        • Olaugh Turchev says:

          Nothing exceptional especially if you check other operas being performed around these dates. If everything else was sold out, you may have had a point.

          • Christy says:

            Netrebko is not supposed to have a majority of empty seats just a few weeks before the start of a new production run. If she were, she wouldn’t be given a new production and a gala to go with it.

            If she were your average opera singer, then these sales would be fine. She’s not. She’s supposed to be the Met’s top soprano, according to Peter Gelb. She’s supposed to be able to sell – she has sold consistently in the past, and far better than most.

            The reason this is of interest is because it is a different pattern for her. It also coincides with Universal apparently abandoning all promotion of her latest CD (after a major backlash when it began promotion). From what I can tell, the CD failed to chart in either the US or UK. This is also different for her.

  • Igor says:

    Yes, she should most certainly apologize for giving her own, earned money to an artistic institution, instead of donating it to the Ukrainian army for ammunition against citizens it declares its own. Now that Francesca’s Ukrainian friends are “done with her” Netrebko’s career is clearly over, as one’s popularity in Lviv is truly what makes a opera career these days.

  • SMR says:

    She had huge triumphs last week in Palau de la musica (Barcelona) and Santa-Cecilia (Roma). I guess people are still amazed by her singing and are not stupid enough to really believe she supports war or terrorists…
    Sorry to disappoint.

      • Anatomik says:

        Her voice is now at the top, the technique is very high and chiselled honed .. The world will lose more. Met : “Unperturbed by Netrebko’s activities, the Metropolitan Opera
        representatives stated: “As an artistic institution that believes in
        freedom of expression, the Met does not have to be in agreement with the
        personal views of the artists who perform on its stage. We support Ms.
        Netrebko as one of the world’s leading opera singers and we are proud
        that she sings at the Met.”

  • JC BRUNO says:

    There are many people suporting ANNA.
    Take a look in these pages at Facebook.
    Primadonna Anna Netrebko:




    Solidarität mit Anna Netrebko:


    Who loves Anna Netrebko:


    Anna & Friends PaxCultura:


  • Anatomik says:

    Strangely, journalists in the West lift a tantrum on the flag that kept the Anna. But they don’t see the Nazi flags in the Ukraine, did not see the torchlight Nazi processions . Every day the radicals with the ideology are beaten and even killed people on the streets of Ukraine, who have a different opinion. In Odessa the Ukrainian Nazis burned 60 people .But the West remains silent. also hiding the brutal war crimes on Donbass Ukrainian army.
    It is better to be a separatist than a fascist. I understand regions of Ukraine who do not want to live in a country with the new Nazi ideology.. There are killings, disappearances are not investigated. Alternative media are prohibited. The “Pinochet Regime.” When West the media will to openly and honestly tell the truth , what happens in Ukraine?

  • Ron Grauer says:

    Anna, I miss you, keep up what you believe is right. We who have loved your voice still love your voice and you. RonG