Video: Jonas Kaufmann and Take That in Udo Jürgens farewell show

Video: Jonas Kaufmann and Take That in Udo Jürgens farewell show


norman lebrecht

December 26, 2014

The great Austrian entertainer, who died in mid-tour on Sunday, made his final TV appearance last  night on Helene Fischer’s show in the company of Jonas Kaufmann and Take That.

The violin soloist is Julian Rachli n.
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  • William Safford says:

    I would love to know more about his autobiography: “Der Mann mit dem Fagott.” (I don’t read German, alas.) Why bassoon?

  • Mark says:

    The Man with the Bassoon was a family biography beginning with his grandfather achieving success as a banker in Russia before WW1. It also tells of his father’s time during WW2 and his own early years seeking a musical career. This went against his family’s wishes to remain in the family business.
    Udo’s family name was Bockelmann and they were a well known and distinguished family.

    The bassoon in question refers to the carved statuette of a man playing a bassoon which was first acquired during those Russian years. It was supposed to have brought luck.
    It brought to mind the grandfather’s experience of hearing a street musician playing the bassoon at a Bremen Christmas market shortly before emigrating to Russia at the beginning of the 1890s. He would later meet the musician again during the war in 1915 in Moscow.

    It is a fine book and was also made into a two part TV film for German TV in 2011.