These we have lost in 2014

These we have lost in 2014


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2014

Claudio Abbadoyoung lorin maazelfruhbeck de burgoshogwood2mordkovitchargerich falzonejose feghalilaszlo vargadavid trendellRita Shane -  in Richard Strauss 's opera 'Arabella'dirk snellings1katherine mmary whitakeryehezkel braunpauluslee hylaDouglas_Cummings_c_Stanley__5374b388e61e8mats rondinivashkin_alexander_16avolkov Dmitry-Picture-199x300aleksei nasedkinfrans bruggen3sculthorpe-620x349kenny-wheelercristina-deutekom-in-viennaandre van driesschedanish chamber…. and morerod franks2

alice herz-sommerpaul renzi 1bergonzi.3arthur gelbalbanesecmagda oliverojulius rudelfrank shipway1Rita Shane -  in Richard Strauss 's opera 'Arabella'David_Nadien_Violindecker3


  • Herbert Glass says:

    ID, please! Most are familiar.. but who’s that with Martha Argerich, for instance? And lower-right group photo?

  • Eric says:

    No mention of the passing of Lorin Maazel?

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    I’ve just recognised Lydia Mordkovitch, too; I had no idea she’d died. Dreadful. I used to play for her lessons at the RNCM in the eighties. Very fond of her.

  • Robin Worth says:

    Where’s Carlo Bergonzi’s portrait?

    • Marie Lamb says:

      I see that Carlo Bergonzi, Licia Albanese, Magda Olivero, Rita Shane, and Julius Rudel have been added, among others.

  • Martin Fass says:

    I’m surprised and disappointed that even inadvertently you would give us all these photos and not identify the people with captions or at least a list.

  • bratschegirl says:

    I don’t see Irene Dalis…?

  • ML says:

    Could we have the names of many of the musicians? I, for one, am not particularly good at facial recognition. Thank you!

    Also, we also lost Licia Albanese and Magda Olivero in 2014.

  • Max Grimm says:

    Well here we go. Names are from top moving down, going left to right:
    Claudio Abbado, Lorin Maazel,
    Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Christopher Hogwood,
    Lydia Mordkovitch, Christopher Falzone,
    Jose Feghali, Laszlo Varga, David Trendell,
    Rita Shane, Dirk Snellings,
    Kate de Marcken, Mary Whitaker,
    Yehezkel Braun, Stephen Paulus,
    Lee Hyla, Douglas Cummings,
    Mats Rondin, Alexander Ivashkin,
    Dmitry Volkov, Aleksey Nasedkin
    Frans Brüggen, Peter Sculthorpe,
    Kenny Wheeler, Cristina Deutekom,
    Andre Van Driessche, The Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

    • Peter Metrinko says:

      Thank you for the IDs. I am glad Norman published this end of year list. When he tells of a death during the year, it often motivates me to search out recordings. He has introduced me to several composers through this process.

  • Ulex Xane says:

    And also Elisabetta Barbato, great yet underappreciated Italian soprano, in February.

  • Ulex Xane says:

    And Janis Martin, just the other day; a great Wagnerian soprano I had the privilege of hearing in Parsifal at Bayreuth back in 1996.

  • Nick says:

    Julius Rudel should certainly be on a list. And two other conductors – Gerd Albrecht and Brian Priestman. Apart from looking rather like Beecham, Priestman was the most wonderful imitator of Beecham and teller of Beecham stories.

  • Olaugh Turchev says:

    And Franz-Paul Decker?

  • Fred says:

    for a complete “operatic list” see (editorial-obituaries section)

  • Sheryl says:

    David Nadien missing from this list

  • Christine says:

    Roger Lord? Rod Franks?

  • Elisabeth Matesky says:

    For Norman Lebrecht ~

    Never having posted anything on this site by the great Norman Lebrecht, I wish to mention to Martin Fass, special photographs of those who have passed are known to their many admirer’s and have no need of text identification, and in answer to Mr. Lebrecht’s question, “Who would one bring back for One Day?” (from Heaven’s House), I would name my late violin mentor and great friend, Master Violinist, Nathan Milstein, with whom I had the privilege of studying privately at his Chester Square home in London for three plus years. There is no one other than my beloved parents whom I would so wish to bring back for a day than Mr. Milstein, who taught me so much as a musician and violinist with vast reserves of his invaluable time, who would not quit on me, his declared “guinea pig”, until I had absorbed the totality of his ideas on bowing which were so amazingly displayed in all his performances, but especially so in his several complete recordings of the Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas for Violin of Johann Sebastian Bach, the last of which received the Grammy Award, such was his “other world” presentation of these Masterworks for the Violin, otherwise known as ‘The Bible’ of Violin Playing. Nathan Milstein was spiritual without wearing it on his sleeve; grounded with lack of self absorption; devoted to the Violin and went faithfully every day of his life with his Marie Therese Strad (until his accident at aged 85 1/2) to his ‘Alter’ to ‘pray’ with his continuing work and homage to the music of J.S. Bach. As a person, he was gallant; brilliant in many subjects; deeply aware and insightful of world politics; and slyly funny with a wink in his eye, not to mention being a loving father and husband as well as stepfather. It would be miraculous to have him back here on Earth for one day to listen to all he would say about life and events during the 22 years he has been absent since departing to his different “location” on December 21st, 1992 … For his family and those of us who so admire and love Milstein’s Violin Art and artistry, it is a poignant day, on this December 21st, 2014 Day. All of us who are Violinist’s can honour his memory while we play something special upon our violin/s. Sending my friend and mentor both tears and smiles of poignant remembrance, I would relish seeing/speaking with Nathan Milstein, then hearing his famed sound back in his Chester Square lounge here on Earth for One Day ~

  • Elisabeth Matesky says:

    Very moved and hopeful in seeing some of the Replyies here mentioning others who have passed in this 2014 Year including David Nadien. He was a superb Violinist to say the least … thank you for this wonderful Remembrance of so many wonderful musicians who have left such a deep void in the World of Music with their Earthly departure’s. Sincere condolences to all their families, colleagues and devoted admirer’s. An American born Violinist, Elisabeth Matesky

  • Martin Fass says:

    Special appreciation from me for the gift of the names. In a way, yes, it is o.k. or even fine without them. In any event, I happen to be 80 now and I believe I have a better than usual knowledge surrounding music. Still, many of the faces being as “familiar” as they are, I could not do the names all on my own.

    Cheers to us all.

  • Elisabeth Matesky says:

    Dear Mr. Lebrecht ~

    Somehow “landing” here after nearly 5 months when responding to your marvellous question, ” Who would one bring back for One Day?”, I had the pleasure of re-reading your reply to my wish to bring back my great friend and Violin mentor, Nathan Milstein, besides both my now departed parents … Your simple reply, ” If only we could have Nathan back for one hour!” really moved me. Obviously, you knew ‘Nathan’ and enjoyed his unique artistry and one of a kind personality … I was invited my him to be “adopted”! Commenting to him I actually had parents, he laughed but reiterated the invitation, which I said I would need to ring my parents in America to see if it was okay! Mr. Milstein was laughing his head off! My father, a marvellous Violinist and well known ‘Hollywood’ composer in addition to his professorial duties teaching students How to teach strings, et al, (a New Yorker & Juilliard graduate) was absolutely delighted! He and my Mother (an authentic protege of Arnold Schoenberg & his pianist along with Leonard Stein, for Schoenberg’s most advanced classes at UCLA) were thrilled and told me to convey their acceptance of my ‘adoption’ just as long as they could still be my parents if I needed money!!

    Hoping to have the pleasure of meeting you when I’m next in London, seeing friends and one of whom I believe you know, Annabelle, Lady Weidenfeld, I hope to hear from you again!

    With respect and admiration from Chicago, USA ~

    Elisabeth Matesky *

    *please accept my invitation to view my professional musical career profile at:

    • norman lebrecht says:

      I knew him and adored him. I probably learned more from Nathan about music and life in a handful of conversations than from any other person. best, NL