The late Claude Frank sends up a Hollywood biopic

An unmissable parody of Song of Love, immortalised by a master’s touch in an act he performed several times at Curtis. Claude died yesterday, much loved, aged 89.

And a bonus birthday gift.

hepburn song of love

(A note on the performers:  The pianist, Johannes Dickbauer, was a violinist student of Pamela Frank.  Jose Maria Blumenschein, the violinist, is now concertmaster of the Radio Orchestra in Cologne, and the cellist, Nick Canellakis, is a YouTube phenomenon.  Pamela suggested this birthday tribute encore for her father who was in attendance at the event, in 2006 or 2007.)

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  • Only a real film buff who relishes the supreme cliched delights of Hollywood schlock could have come up with this. Bravo. Frank’s voice is remarkably similar to old Walter Damrosch.

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