The flute that smoked (or did he?)


This is Eyvind Rafn, principal flute of the Royal Danish Orchestra, in a cigarette advertisement, dated 1967. Rafn made several such commercials for the Chr. Augustinus tobacco company during the 1960s. He did so in exchange for tobacco funding for orchestral projects.

But a new history of the orch, which considers itself the world’s oldest, maintains he never inhaled. In fact, Rafn never smoked at all.

So who was being screwed here? We need a moral philosopher to sort out the ethics of the transaction.

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  • A canny piece of advertising which at once would modify any worries one might have regarding the link between smoking and respiratory problems, not to mention the sheer glamour and refinement projected.

  • Eyvind is my grandfather. He doesn’t smoke cigarettes but enjoyes cigars sometimes. Hope it was helpful;)

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