Tension in Seoul as standoff continues

The chief executive of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Park Hyun Jung, is refusing to resign. She has been accused by staff of bullying and sexual harrassment. Park has hit back, claiming the music director Myung Whun Chung is trying to depose her. Chung is rumoured to have threatened resignation. Meanwhile, rehearsals continued today. You canl almost feel the tension in this picture.

myun whun chung

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  • South Korean industries are run by dynastic families in much the same way North Korean politics is run by dynastic families. Blood tie over competence.

    First there was the “nuts” controversy at Korean Airlines, where the daughter of the head of the company ordered the plane back to the gate to throw out a senior flight staff because she was not served her in-flight bag of nuts correctly (how, you ask: the correct answer is, on a plate).

    Now we have another daughter raising a stink at the Seoul Philharmonic.

    The battle between Park and Chung is not a battle between corporate culture versus artistic culture. It is a battle between one family against another family. Politics is personal in the Koreas.

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