Seattle prepares to blitz the Grammys

Seattle prepares to blitz the Grammys


norman lebrecht

December 06, 2014

The Seattle Symphony, ‘fastest rising US orch of 2014‘, has received six Grammy nominations for two own-label releases, including Producer of the Year for Dmitri Lipay and best contemporary for John Luther Adams’ Become Ocean.

No other US orch label apparently comes close.



  • Jon says:

    Become Ocean is not on Seattle Symphony’s own label it was released by Cantaloupe Music

  • Herrera says:

    What? No nomination for “Baby Got Back” with Sir Mix-A-Lot?

    To quote the immortal words of Sir Mix-A-Lot, right up there with any Bach cantata:

    “I like big butt and I cannot lie.
    You other brothas cannot deny.”

  • Butch Cassidy says:

    The Grammy’s are a myth. The nomination process is a joke and anyone can get nominated these days if they are social media savvy.
    The Naras committee encompasses people who judge every single category; the person who loves Latin Jazz and knows what they are voting on for that, also votes on Classical. And on rap, pop, latin pop, and every other category.
    Some managers send cd’s of their nominees to members of the committee; others don’t. Some people cast their votes because the person in the photo is glamorous, others cast their votes because they have heard of that person but not the others.
    I hope not too many people use the Grammy’s as a point of reference.

    • JAMA11 says:

      The vast majority of the general public do, in fact, use the Grammys as a point of reference. They also use the Golden Globes, and the Pulitzers, and any number of other awards that have high profiles despite the fact that they are chosen by a tiny number of voters of questionable authority.