Russian piano prizewinner dies

The Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory has announced the death of Professor Alexei Nasedkin. He was 72.

A Neuhaus student, Nasedkin came sixth at the second Tchaikovsky competition in 1962 and won third place at the 1966 Leeds Competition, behind Rafael Orozco (1st) and Viktoria Postnikova and Semyon Kruchin (joint 2nd).

He was president of the Russian Schubert Society.

aleksei nasedkin

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      • Of course, Norman ,it is one of the very best !!
        I just mentioned the Schubert as he was not only president of the Russian Schubert society but also a truly exceptional Schubertian.

  • Norman, thank you for putting up this notice. I have a Melodiya boxed set recording of Alexei Nasedkin performing Rachmaninoff’s Etudes Tableaux, Op. 33/39 which I’ve cherished for more than two decades. I’ll have to seek out the Schubert recordings, which Mr. Endres references above.

  • Very sad on passind wonderful pianist. He won 1st price in 1968 Schubert competition in Vienna. I treasure his record of Schubert D-major sonata and Impromtues since that time. He was the best Schubert interpretor.

  • A most elegant and refined artist, upholding high values and the pedagogic tradition of his teachers. R.I.P.

  • Years ago I surveyed every recording made of the Schumann F# minor Piano Sonata for International Piano Quarterly. Nasedkin’s recording was my number one choice out of the more than 50 that were auditioned. He was an amazing musician and, sadly, is very poorly represented on CD.

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