Petition raised for 55 orch players being kicked out of Switzerland

We’ve reported the immigration crackdown in Basle. More than 50 foreign musicians are going to be put on a train out of the country.

If enough people sign this petition – here – we might prevent that.

Andreas Scholl, Emma Kirkby and Evelyn Tubb are among the foreign signatories.

(The form is in German. You need to scroll down the page and click on ‘Unterschreiben’)

scholl wanderer

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  • Why “put on a train” ? If this is a reference to Auschwitz, this is very bad taste. I find your constant Swiss-bashing is a little childish. You’re an educated man, you should give a good example.

  • I think it should be known that in order for a signature to count, they send you a confirmation email, and you have to validate your email. If you do not validate your email your signature will not count.

  • Nevertheless I still find this last remark about “musicians to be put on a train” quite offensive. And the main principle of this blog is to be respectful …

    • Where did you get the idea that the main principal of this blog was to be respectful? That is truly a strange thing to say. Norman is frequently highly disrespectful toward targets he views as being unworthy of his respect.

  • I got this idea from Mr Lebrecht’s own rules : “When posting on Slipped Disc, please observe the following simple rules: 1 No abuse 2 No defamation 3 No personal attacks. (…) Rule violators will be spammed out.” But I got mistaken obviously. He’s always picking on the French, the Swiss or the Russian at the detriment of his beloved Great British Empire, but sadly one cannot spam him out 😉 So I’ll spam myself out instead ! So long, folks !

  • >