Now Gergiev gets sucked in to Donetsk conflict

Now Gergiev gets sucked in to Donetsk conflict


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2014

The opera house in war-torn Donetsk, which received a million devalued rubles from Anna Netrebko and arranged for her to be photographed with a separatist flag, has now announced it has invited Valery Gergiev to conduct a forthcoming tour.

Evgeny Denisenko, director of Donetsk Opera and Ballet told the Russian News Agency: ‘This man is a hero. When there were events in Tskhinvali (during Putin’s war against Georgia), he went there with the Mariinsky orchestra. For me it was a shock and an achievement. He is a brave man and a world-class conductor. I think he will respond to our invitation.’

Gergiev has supported the Russian president in every military action.

Russian President Putin presents a Hero of Labour award to Mariinsky theatre director Gergiev during an awards ceremony in St. Petersburg


  • harold braun says:

    Fine,he should do that.But I bet after Vienna Philharmonic bashing week it´s Gergiev bashing week again on this blog here.And next week,or after New Years concert the latest,it will be Vienna Philharmonic bashing week again!I don´t care,love them both!

  • Milka says:

    It’s an example of thugs sticking together.

  • Herrera says:

    The Donesk Opera is just trying to give back the useless rubles that Netrebko gave them to Gergiev. (The million rubles Anna gave last week is now worth $318, and tomorrow it is going to be $53.)

    If I were Gergiev, I would demand to be paid in dollars.

  • Neil van der Linden says:

    Although these are extra-musical issues, I must say that i can’t listen with pleasure anymore to any Gergiev recording. Thank God i am not a reviewer.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    The article says he has been invited not that he has accepted.

  • Oscar says:

    Gergiev will (already has) sell his soul for self gain. He is an immoral person who is using art to get rich and rub shoulders with political criminals. He uses political context when it’s convenient for him, (to get financing for his theatre and countless tours that build his name in exchange for positive image of the corrupt government that pays the bills) yet distances himself from it when criticized. An atrocious man, with no principles or morals. I will never buy a ticket or go to a venue that supports him or gives him platform of any kind. A disgrace.