Not sure about the pose, darling

This is the American mezzo, Elizabeth DeShong, at a photoshoot for her Vienna Opera debut in Cenerentola. She’s either massaging an injured shoulder or adjusting some faulty tailoring.

Stanislavsky always said: stand up straight.


photo (c) Dario Acosta

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  • This is such a caricature of 1950’s chauvinism that it would almost amuse me if I wasn’t so irritated. Another instance of men in positions of power using their platform to evaluate women based on their appearance rather than the merits of their job performance. Women in so many fields still struggle to be taken seriously by their male counterparts (and classical music is CERTAINLY one of these genres… take Alex Ross’s coverage of Yuri Temirkanov as one example). I find the flippant use of the word ‘darling’ to be another obvious and sad instance of men feeling entitled to offer women totally unsolicited and condescending advice about their physical appearance.

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