Montserrat Caballé is sentenced to six months

The great soprano has been spared jail by a Spanish court after admitting to one year’s tax evasion. Caballé has paid back half a million Euros and a 240,000 Euro fine, and accepted a six-month sentence that she will not have to serve, under terms of a plea-bargain deal.

The singer is practically under house arrest from ill-health and mobility issues, her defence team said.

pati caballe

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    • poor old Moncy – I am sure a considerable number of artists are thinking ‘there but for the Grace of God’………

    • She joins an increasingly large group that includes Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Mirella Freni (perhaps), Boris Becker, WIllie Nelson, countless businessmen, politicians and others. The “I didn’t know” defence seems to work pretty well when you have the money to pay expensive tax lawyers and then large fines!

  • It also works well with politicians in the US. Look at Rep. Grimm of NY!
    He is still a member of Congress, still gets a salary and most likely will avoid jail by releasing his seat. And I bet he will still get his pension.

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