Maria Callas is to be played by…

… Marina Abramovic.

marina abramovic



Five directors – Roman Polanski, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Marco Brambilla, Giada Colagrande and Yorgos Lanthimos – have agreed to film the performance artist as she plays Callas in seven death scenes from major operas.

Let’s not get too excited.

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  • Excited !?? more like boring news–if you have seen her you realize what little
    there was to her – she was the same in everything she did ,only the clothes changed . She was a master at playing
    the great diva as the unwashed
    imagined a great diva to be .She was always Callas in whatever roll she
    played .

  • Don’t be too hard on poor old Milka. It’s clear that her posts are written in a tongue-in-cheek tradition of humorous verse, and are meant only to amuse. Witness those laughable comments above on Callas.

  • She had an ugly voice , very faulty
    technique but tremendous will to present herself as a great singer and
    for the undiscerning she succeeded
    in this “diva” projection .By the time she arrived at the old Met whatever voice she had was a wreck but she still managed to project the aura of
    a great diva …at that business she was untouchable .

  • I have never heard of this Milka, but her comments about Callas are COMPLETELY uninformed. Callas will remain the most important soprano of th last century. Milka will be forgotten instantly!

  • I never heard of this Ombrarecds before
    but do wonder how much the championing of Callas is commercial interest and how much is musical .
    That Callas will be long remembered
    is a given so will Florence
    Foster Jenkins for that matter .

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