Just in: Israel Philharmonic hires US concertmaster

After a Tel Aviv shootout in the Brahms concerto between four finalists, Zubin Mehta has just announced David Radzynski, a graduate student at Park University, as the new concertmaster.

david radzynski

More here.

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  • To answer BeckMessieur’s question: Park University in Parkville, MO (just outside Kansas City) has a very small but respectable music school, called the International Center for Music.
    The quality of the faculty and students is very high, especially considering it’s small size (less than 50 students, I believe).
    Piano teacher (and former Cliburn winner) Stanislav Ioudenitch, Violin teacher Ben Sayevich, Cello Teacher Daniel Veis, and Viola teacher Christine Grossman.

  • Missouri is correct, not Kansas. There is a Kansas City, MO, campus, but there are no sites in Kansas. Parkville, MO, it is.

  • What an incredible achievement for such a young player! Concertmaster of a world renowned orchestra must demand the greatest of talent. Congratulations to the new maestro!

    • ”world renowned orchestra “?
      Depends where you set the bar.
      They are not even near the best ( Berlin,Vienne,Amsterdam,Chicago,Boston,LA , Marinskii, to name a few ).

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