Flash news! Music director quits top opera house

Our friends at resmusica report the immediate resignation of the highly-rated French conductor Ludovic Morlot as music director of La Monnaie in Brussels. He will leave at the end of this month.

ludovic morlot


Ludovic Morlot said: ‘The orchestra and I are unable to share an artistic vision. In their interest and in mine, I have decoded to resign.’

Peter de Caluwé, La Monnaie’s director, said he ‘terribly regrets the situation but respects Ludovic Morlot’s decision.’ He spoke of ‘strengthening the commitment of members of the orchestra.’

Morlot is the third  music director to leave La Monnaie in six years. Kazusho Ono quit in June 2008. Mark Wigglesworth lasted just one season.

Morlot’s resignation follows Franz Welser-Möst’s walkout at the Vienna Opera in September.

Who’s next?



UPDATE: La Monnaie has issued this English press release:

Ludovic Morlot steps down as Chief Conductor of La Monnaie


Ludovic Morlot: “It is with deep regret that I announce my decision to step down as Chief Conductor of La Monnaie/de Munt at the end of December 2014.


I am deeply grateful to Peter de Caluwe for having given me the opportunity to be part of such a vibrant, challenging and creative institution.  Working alongside members of La Monnaie and so many wonderful singers and directors has been inspiring and led to many positive musical experiences over the last few years, including the current Don Giovanni production.’


However, I feel that the orchestra and I have not managed to reach a consensus on an artistic vision and therefore, for the sake of their development as well as my own, I have made this decision to stand down.”


Peter de Caluwe, General and Artistic Director reacted:

“Although I very much regret this situation, I respect Ludovic Morlot’s decision to make this radical change to his future plans.  It has been a real pleasure to have had him as part of the creative and management teams here at La Monnaie for the last three seasons.  His human approach and high degree of empathy as well as his innate musicianship have helped us to achieve so much, including a marked improvement in the sound of the orchestra.


Ludovic’s departure offers us an unexpected opportunity to look to the future creatively in the context of the many other discussions we are having at the moment.

I trust that, with a continued empowerment policy we will be able to further improve the human and artistic harmony within the orchestra.”


Ludovic Morlot will conduct all the remaining performances of Don Giovanni and also the concert performances of L’enfance du Christ at the end of this month.


No further comments will be made on this subject.  Thank you for respecting this position.


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    • This has been a long time coming – nothing to do with finances. Morlot wore out his welcome very soon after his arrival. The orchestra never felt he had the experience to lead an opera ensemble of their calibre. Don’t forget that they were used to working with people like Pappano and Ono (who very much wanted to stay and whom the orchestra adored) – conductors with far more opera experience compared to Morlot or Wigglesworth. Let’s hope De Caluwe gets it right this time – two misses and counting…

  • Kazushi Ono did not leave “La Monnaie” : the director P. De Caluwé did not want to extend his contract even if the orchestra desperately wanted to work further with him.

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