Five film composers discuss make-do, budget squeeze and failure

This is a fascinating conversation, just posted by The Hollywood Reporter, between five Oscar contenders: Marco Beltrami (The Homesman), Danny Elfman (Big Eyes), John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon 2), Trent Reznor (Gone Girl) and Hans Zimmer (Interstellar). No holds barred.

‘What’s it like when a director first hears the music?’



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  • This is a great round-table, nice and long, featuring that rarest of things, an interviewer who knows when to keep quiet and let the guests speak. If this was on Radio 3 it would be all “so what does it feel like to win an Oscar? Tweet us your suggestions” etc.

    Oh and if looks could kill, Zimmer would be a corpse and Elfman would be on the run … I don’t know what the history is between them but there’s clearly something going on! ūüôā

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