Ennio Morricone: One director I’ll never compose for again

The Italian film composer is extremely disgruntled with his recent work for Quentin Tarrantino.

The pair worked together on Inglourious Basterds, and parts of Kill Bill. Morricone, 86, has cooked more spaghetti westerns than hot breakfasts. Tarantino, he says, ‘places music in his films without coherence.’ Ouch.


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  • I would never put Tarantino into the top 20% of film directors ! Some of his films show a style of violence that is Tarantino to the bone(pun intended) while others seem to be more about violence for the sake of violence . To me he borders on the B grade of directors from which he evolved .

  • In the heading Morricone is 86, in the link he’s two years younger?!?
    Great composer who learned a lot from the verismo composers especially Mascagni…

  • Tarantino’s incompetence with soundtracks is legendary. He’s a classic example of placing gratuitous violence where talent is missing – which explains why his films are full of it. Add some classic rock or soul music and you generate just enough interest to become Quentin Tarantino.

  • I can not recall a single musical note from any of Tarantino’s movies. However, I do remember very well his movies.

    Maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t need music to enhance his movies. Lots of movies if and when devoid of “enhancing” music are dead on arrival.

    Music in movies is good but not a must. Please go to “No Country For Old Men” and tell me if you miss music.

    Tarentino is doing something very unusual and it works for him and me as well.

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