Cameron Carpenter at the comedy store (and not in a nice way)

They wouldn’t have done this to Albert Schweizer. Would they?

cameron carpenter album

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  • If you’ve ever seen @Midnight (which I’m presuming you haven’t), you would know that ANYTHING that appears on Youtube, Twitter, Tumbler, Vine, etc… is fair game for skewering.

    Cameron Carpenter may be a fine, even a great, organist, but the way he presents himself, and this “promotional video” are just calling out to be lampooned. He seems to be setting himself up as classical music’s Johnny Weir.

  • If… a result of this show, 2 people (who wouldn’t otherwise do so) venture to listen to a Bach organ work let’s be thankful for this promotional video and the attention it garnered on this show.

    • I agree. I always felt the same way about Virgil Fox. I do hope it helps CC find a hip new audience. But this video seems so “all-about-Cameron”. Virgil certainly had a healthy ego, but his focus seemed to be always on the music. After whatever self-praising comment he’d make about his talent, when he set his hands (and feet) into action, it was all about the music and what he viewed as his service to the composer. I’ll admit that I’ve never heard Carpenter live, but what I’ve seen of his marketing, heard from him in a few podcasts, and listened to in his recordings, has left me with the impression of vast talent wrapped up in a narcissistic personality. And this video does nothing but reinforce that for me. The Christopher Guest and Johnny Weir comparisons are painfully spot on for me.

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