Breaking: Denmark abolishes an orchestra

Despite an overwhelming vote in Parliament urging it not to scrap Adam Fischer’s chamber orchestra, the state broadcaster DR announced tonight that it is going ahead as planned with dismantling the ensemble before the year ends. The closure has been endorsed with every sign of enthusiasm by the culture minister. So much for Danish democracy.


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  • As sad as the closure is, it is not really related to deficits in Danish democracy but has all to do with the Danish Radio’s board’s decision to scrap the orchestra. And I also wouldn’t call a small majority of 58 in favor vs. 55 against an “overwhelming” vote.

  • Yes, the closure of DNCO as well as total disrespect towards the Danish Parliament and towards all working musicians in Denmark has been shown by “minister for culture” Marianne Jelved. Please go ahead and express your own disapproval with her enthusiastic slaughter of Denmark’s highly esteemed chamber orchestra on her FB page:

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