Happy days return to Detroit

The orchestra is back in the black, turning in a modest surplus over 2014. Not long ago, many were predicting its imminent demise.

Music director Leonard Slatkin and president Anne Parsons have both signed new contracts to mid-2017, it was announced last night.

The musicians contract was settled eight months early.

More than half a million people outside the US watched Detroit concert on livestream.

Stability is back in Motor City.


slatkin birthday

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  • I know we are only talking about the orchestra, but this post is in quite poor taste.

    “Happy days” have not returned to Detroit, nor is “stability” back in the motor city anywhere other than, perhaps, symphony hall. The city is still a complete basket case, still hemorrhaging residents and money, and having only just emerged from bankruptcy. The news about the orchestra is good indeed, but let’s not be so glib about the problems this city still faces.

  • You think Lebrecht would actually take the time to visit a city, do proper research into an ensemble, conductor, or community before actually leaping into a “story” on his website? (story is in quotes, since he actually creates no journalism aside from one-sided, narrow minded comments…he just shares journalism of others like a spambot) HAHA! Classical Music’s Greatest Internet Troll has no time for such things. On to the next clickbait!

  • I am happy for the Detroit Symphony and its members and its audience. I hope it can help the city of Detroit and its people in its own way.

    • Totally agree , great news for an orchestra operating under such extremely difficult circumstances .
      ( And I cannot see for the life of me what’s wrong with Norman’s wording here…)

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