All-inclusive season’s greetings to Slipped Disc readers

chanukah tree

h/t Wigmore Hall

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  • Thank you Norman,
    Greetings and best wishes from Australia.
    I hope that your efforts to help restore love for quality music throughout the world succeed.

  • Does “all-inclusive” mean “non-Christian”? I get the Menorah, a Jewish reference, I get the trees, a secular one, but I see no Christian reference to what, after all, started as their celebration of their tradition.

    I have just spent an hour listening to a radio programme on the history of Christmas carols that included not a single one with a vaguely religious theme. I rejoice that the celebrations of this season have expanded to be something that all can share in without any betrayal of their own identity. But I am also becoming resentful that those for whom it meant the most throughout centuries have become the most marginalised and ignored aspect of the entire exercise.

    Nonetheless, in the proper spirit of the season, a happy festive season to all, and may the hope of peace and joy mark our celebrations of a new year.

      • You associate evergreen trees with the Nativity story? Your geography is odd. Christmas trees are for decorating and putting presents under. Pretty well part of the (welcome) secular customs of Christmas. But I see no nod to the birth of Christ, which is where it all sprang from, even if the Christian belief was adapted early and melded early with other traditions.

        Why, in a world where we are increasingly implored to honour the traditions of other faiths, even when they appear brutal to us, are children allowed to sing Rudolph and White Christmas in school but not Silent Night, Hark the Herald or Angels We Have Heard on High? What is the assault on Christianity about when other faiths are increasingly heard? Not saying Christianity is without its historical and current faults, but the story and stories of Christmas seem among the less objectionable traditions.

        • Well said, V.Lind. We attended an elementary school holiday show in the US with not one Christmas carol. Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas were all represented but the “Christmas” part was a song about drinking hot chocolate.

          Nevertheless, seasons greetings, and thanks for this website NL!

  • I’ll take that personally. All the best to you, Norman. Keep up the inimitable coverage and have a terrific Hannukah and a healthy 2015.

  • Thank you for your kind wishes. May they return to you a hundredfold.

    And thank you for your excellent observations and insights. I always look forward to your latest posts.

    Be well.

  • All the best to you, Norman, for the holiday season(s)! Luuuuv your SlippedDisc postings!
    Hugs from Cactusland (Mexico). B

  • All the best for all of you. I do not see any problem being christian, jewish or muslim in to wish the best to all of you. Peace, love, brotherhood is universal. Know what? Like the music.

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