10 musical winners of 2014

10 Floundering orch landed super-maestro

nelsons boston

9 Super-manager went to Washington


8 Harpsichordist signs to DG

mahan esfahani nl


7 Left-field fiddle is NY Phil’s artist in residence


6 Centennial composer got heard again


5 The Met’s soprano of choice

kristine opolais

4 Germany’s brilliant new culture minister


Most-improved orch of the decade


2 Opera is saved from extinction

san diego opera

1 The walkout king who taught maestros how to quit. He is hereby named Mr My Way, 2014.




For the year’s losers, see here.

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  • Maybe the well-deserved nomination of Daniele Gatti as director of the world’s best orchestra should also be part of your list…

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