When Anna quit Munich, she left hubby behind

When Anna quit Munich, she left hubby behind


norman lebrecht

November 05, 2014

It was the walkout of the year, the moment Anna Netrebko decided she could not work a moment longer in Manon Lescaut with the German conceptual director, Hans Neuenfels.

So she made the exit, pursued by entourage. Except one.

We hear that Anna’s fiancé, the Azeri tenor Yusif Eyvazov, has stayed behind to understudy Joan Kaufmann in the role of Des Grieux.

Jonas has been unwell of late. This could be Yusif’s big chance.

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  • Susan Trexel says:

    “Joan Kaufmann?” Who is that, a character on Mad Men?

  • sdReader says:

    Perhaps he will find a good Munich gym to go work out.

  • Susan Trexel says:

    You can see how Netrebko might be distracted if her husband and her fiance were both in Munich at the same time.

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    I posted a remark on the previous article, wondering how long she’d last in a Neuenfels production, but since it was never published I thought I’d try again. Suffice to say I’m surprised she bothered travelling to Munich at all.

    For the record, Joan Kaufmann is the Sultry One’s Catalonian cousin.

    Munich’s Manon will be saved by the conductor, the excellent Alain Altinoglu.