Video: Atlanta Symphony back at work on Beethoven’s 9th

Rehearsals have resumed with Robert Spano after the ten-week lockout. Back on full power.

(Click on word ‘Post’) if video does not pop out.


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  • That is wonderful news indeed. As a member of a London orchestra my heart goes out to the musicians of the current orchestras in peril : Ulster Orchestra, Rome Opera Orchestra. Glad to read that the Danish Radio Chamber Orchestra is going to be saved.
    Let’s not forget last year’s lengthy lock-out of the Minnesota Orchestra either.
    Whilst we in London work hard, we don’t have to be subjected to the tyranny of power-crazed Boards which seems to be the case for our US colleagues.

  • UGH! Thank the heavens above for the return of the Atlanta Symphony so they can get to work on Beethoven’s 9th. Because I haven’t heard that one before. 😐

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