Valery Gergiev gives memorial concert for oil chief

Valery Gergiev gives memorial concert for oil chief


norman lebrecht

November 14, 2014

The Mariinsky conductor is dedicating a Moscow concert to the memory of his friend – and Vladimir Putin’s – the French Total Oil boss,¬†Christophe de Margerie. Total was a big sponsor of Gergiev’s White Night’s Festival. De Margerie (r.) was killed in a recent accident at Moscow airport.


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  • Olaugh Turchev says:

    Few years ago, I recall a long interview of Gergiev by Norman who was so proud of having spent time with the unreal busy musician… So he’s got the trophy.
    BTW, regarding the Margerie “accident”, the video released by Lifenews shows a snowplow rushing toward the runway and no fog… All facts contradicting the driver’s testimony. Notwithstanding that France has very well understood the message, just like for the Air Algeria flight -the one that was downed because of the squall storm raging 250 km west of it…-, playing political hide and seek with a paid piece of hardware they are supposed to deliver.