US Airways refuse to carry double-bass

After appearing on Dancing with the Stars, all Time for Three wanted to do was get home.

No, said US Air. We won’t take the bull-fiddle.

Outcome? In the end, the boys flew Delta.

Mind you, if you let them aboard, they’re likely to start playing. And that, as the pilot likes to say, ‘could interfere with the instruments’.

time for three

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  • That’s a major drag for the good guys in TF3, but US Airways policies clearly state that double basses (and cellos) will not be accepted in the cargo hold. They must go in the cabin, as “seat baggage,” with a purchased passenger seat (has to be a window, non-exit row) and the human needs to sit next to it. “The More You Know . . . ™”

  • … since 9/11 some airlines have become completely paranoid … I bought an extra seat once on Easyjet to carry my half-size double bass from London to Inverness (!) and was forced by a stupid orange hen-looking stewardess to take it down into the hull, because it represented a “security hazard”. Needless to say that they didn’t reimburse my extra-seat !

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