Two Koreans in Geneva piano finals

Results of the Semi-Final round (candidates selected for the Finals)
26 y.o., Russia
Mr. Honggi KIM
26 y.o., South Korea
26 y.o., United States
Ms. Ji-Yeong MUN
26 y.o., South Korea



Members of the piano Jury 2014 :

Pascal Rogé, France, Chairman
Pascal Devoyon, France
Gabriel Kwok, Hong-Kong
Robert MacDonald, USA
Gitti Pirner, Germany
Rena Shereshevskaya, Russia
Katsumi Ueda, Japan

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  • I am not surprised at all.S Korea loves classical music You go to a concert and all you see young people listening in a total silence with respect for the musicians and the soloists.
    Concerts are about 120 per month!!!! Only in Seoul!
    Our cleaning lady has a daughter that is a future conductor,studying in Europe Hotels,supermarkets,banks,wherever you go you are surrounded by classical music.I think this is the perfect atmosfere for the future aspiring musicians.Get inspired!

  • One suspects that western music to many S Koreans is an” exotically ” delightful experience but not at all
    received aesthetically in the same way as might a western audience .

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