Tabloid news: Jonas Kaufmann ‘is dating’ Madonna

Tabloid news: Jonas Kaufmann ‘is dating’ Madonna


norman lebrecht

November 25, 2014

An Italian tabloid reports that the pair, both unattached, met at a London exhibition and are seeing each other.

Madonna wants them to make a record together.

The exciting news has been picked up by both Russian and US-based media. Our social affairs correspondent reports that her eyebrows could not go any higher if she attached them to an elevator.




  • GEll says:

    If true, huge mistake by JK to record any garbage this former star may force on him, let alone getting attached to her.

    • Elizabeth Ferido-Bohlin says:

      This woman has no shame…even trying to ‘pair’ herself singing with a great tenor like Jonas Kaufman…when she herself cannot sing anything decent. She is the exponent of garbage art. Nice to know that JK did go down to her level. Would have been a disaster.

  • InTheKnow says:

    they are not dating.

  • mynameis says:

    Former star? We are talking about Madonna… one of most famous women ever! Why comment and spread negativity??

    • GEll says:

      Yes, former star. She hasn’t done anything but collect royalties for about 20 years and counting.

      • P says:

        I’m not sure where you’ve been the last 20 years, but she’s definitely released new music since then…

      • Kathleen McCarthy says:

        “hasn’t done anything but collect royalties for twenty years….?’ Let’s see. Since 1994:

        -Five world tours, the last in 2012. Several of them record breaking
        -Fourteen isolated concerts
        -Twenty live performances
        -Seven studio albums

        I am not a fan of Madonna or her ilk, but she doesn’t deserve sneering by your ilk.

        • sdReader says:

          Huh? 5 world tours but 20 live performances?

          • Kathleen McCarthy says:

            Individual TV or live performances – award shows (Grammys) etc not part of a tour.

          • sdReader says:

            I see. Gosh, it’s a whole different world from classical, isn’t it, even down to simple terminology.

            About Jonas, it was my understanding he was dating a blond Frenchwoman twenty years younger than Madonna, someone he met in Paris in 2010 and who occasionally attends performances here at the Staatsoper, but discreetly.

      • Mikko says:

        That’s actually funny – you’re talking about possibly the biggest workaholic in all of showbusiness. Among many other things, she’s done five world tours in that time, 50-90 concerts each, on arenas and stadiums. Look at some video of them, she wasn’t exactly standing in a corner lipsynching, either.

  • Pamela Brown says:

    Perhaps he could teach her how to sing…:-0

    • Alexander says:

      She can sing. She can’t sing opera, but she’s never marketed herself as an opera singer. She is a fantastic pop and musical theatre singer. Not really my cup of tea, but I don’t think it helps anyone for people in the classical music world to behave as if all other kinds of music are just beneath consideration.

      • Pamela Brown says:

        Purely personal. I found her nasal bleating cute in the 80’s but am unable to listen to anything of hers now without cringing. JK, on the other hand, I listen to regularly and feel that I hear something new every time…

  • Gabby Cadaver says:

    Perhaps by ‘dating’ Slipped Disc means Carbon 14 Dating.

  • Neil van der Linden says:

    Waiting for their Duets album. And a recording by Kaufmann of Madonna Mobile..

  • Marky Mark says:

    Yeah, apart from her last 3 albums all reaching number 1, and her last 2 concert tours being the most successful by any solo and female artist. Get your facts right Gell.

  • Lydia Wahlberg says:

    As a mother of a son JK’s age, I would have to yell at him and remind him of “Like a Virgin” He left. talented, beautiful woman, and the mother of his children for scum like Madonna?! There go my opera tickets.

    • Alexander says:

      Are you for real? I just watched ‘Like a Virgin’ and read through the lyrics, and I honestly cannot see what there is for anyone to object to. The idea behind the song is the same as in Philip Larkin’s poem ‘When first we faced, and touching showed’, but perhaps you think that is obscene too. If you want to talk about “scum” I suggest you take a look at the misogyny that is going on in popular music today.

      As for Madonna, you don’t think she is a “talented, beautiful woman”? Her being the best-selling female artist of all time obviously doesn’t count for much then.

      • sdReader says:

        She’s talking about Kaufmann’s betrayal of his wife. And didn’t Madonna betray her Scottish husband with some U.S. baseball player?

        • Alexander says:

          How do you know that’s what she’s talking about? ‘Like a Virgin’ was released in 1984, and Madonna didn’t marry Guy Ritchie (who is, by the way, not exactly Scottish) until 2000. If Lydia Wahlberg is referring to the break-up of Madonna’s second marriage, what does that have to do with a song she recorded 16 years before that marriage took place? Kaufmann is hardly betraying his wife. Their marriage effectively ended seven months ago (at least), apparently because of his touring commitments. I don’t think anything was ever proven about Madonna and Alex Rodriguez.

          • sdReader says:

            Yes, Kaufmann’s betrayal does predate this Madonna story.

            I wanted to say that Lydia Wahlberg appeared to be objecting to Kaufmann’s behavior, and was upholding the Madonna song as being at odds with that behavior, not attacking the song.

  • john humphreys says:

    Old enough to be his mother?

  • V.Lind says:

    Yes, if she spawned him at 11.

    God knows it’s not my music and I don’t care for much that I have read of her. but to try to deny that she continues to be a very successful entertainer is just childish. Makes classical music buffs look rather as their detractors often paint them — elitist, snobbish, narrow and well out of touch.

    • Alexander says:

      Yes, about five weeks short of her 11th birthday. And I agree, so many snide comments on here. It really helps nobody when people promote this idea that classical music is the only kind of music that counts for anything. I’ve been fortunate enough to have heard pretty much all of the greatest opera and other classical singers of our time, but I would also say that my favourite singers include Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Short, Frank Sinatra, and Simon and Garfunkel.

      • Christy says:

        Don’t take offense. Opera fans often eat their young, too. I have believed for a long time – if opera fans wouldn’t attack any crossover work done by an opera singer, we may actually have opera singers known by at least some of the public. Just look at the reception for Renee Fleming’s work, or even Joyce DiDonato’s attempts to modernize her recitals. “She shoudn’t talk to the audience,” critics wrote. SIgh.

  • Janna says:

    So what if they are dating. I can’t blame Jonas if he wants to try another woman than that bore he was married to. Once in an interview his ex said she didn’t like that the media was looking at Jonas as a sex-symbol. Then Jonas just laughed at her. I just say: go for it Madonna and Jonas. Have a great time as long as it lasts.

    • Barbara says:

      If Frau Joswig were really “a bore”, as you write, you should question J.K.’s intelligence: He was married to her for over 15 years. She had a successful opera career for over 10 years; successful opera singers are almost always very fun, intelligent people with enormous self discipline. I wonder just how fascinating you are.

  • Nick says:

    I find the trashing and attempted trashing of Madonna utterly childish and pathetic. I know nothing of any relationship with Jonas Kaufmann, but they are both adults and both hugely successful in their own careers. As for picking on an 11-year age difference, that is just laughable. In what planet do these so-called commentators live? The worlds of classical music and show business are filled with liaisons and successful marriages between people of different ages. The difference is not much greater than that between Robert and Clara Schumann, and that’s before you start on about Georg and Valerie Solti or Richard and Cosima Wagner, Callas/Meneghini/Onassis, et al. Goodness, even Elizabeth Taylor was 6 years younger than Richard Burton!

  • Scott McPherson says:

    Aw my god! I can’t believe what I read here! Who cares if Madonna is older than JK? We’re in the 21st Century and you guys are judging (why you think you have the right? Who are you?) the love of two people by the age?? Love is love and period. What Madonna has done to you guys to trash her that way?? She makes music, films, etc etc like many other artists (although nobody has influenced the world or people as much as her in these fields all together), if you don’t like her style , just choose someone else to listen to but there’s no need for such a verbal violence! Why people love trash-judging others that have never met personally and who have never done anything wrong to them? We don’t want your opinion to talk like that. What I can see here is that you don’t have a life and need to get in other people’s lives to feel confident and secure? Pathetic! I love all types of music, listening to different voices, if I don’t like certain type of, I just pass and avoid them but I don’t haunt them and badmouth about them. ?? Anyway, if their relationship is true, congrats! Enjoy it guys! And if they both work together on something, it’ll be an interesting mix. Let’s see!
    Viva the World! Sxx

  • Rackon says:

    This is utter fantasy. Kaufmann has been in a relationship with someone for the past several months but it ain’t Madonna – his lady friend was mentioned in the German press just last week (she is from the opera world, most definitely not French, nor is she blonde). More than that it ain’t nobody’s business but their own.

    • Louise says:

      Please enlighten us who is the lucky one who is dating our Jonas?

    • liloloperaluv says:

      Can you tell me which German publication reported this? I already know the woman’s name but would like to read the rest of the article. There are a lot of German pubs to search. Thanks.

  • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

    I’d happily Date or do anything else with Madonna if she’d have me!!! Think I am a bit past it now, though 🙁 Love her music (saw her live twice in the 80’s & 90’s), think she’s fab!! 🙂

  • Christy says:

    Don’t take offense. Opera fans often eat their young, too. I have believed for a long time – if opera fans wouldn’t attack any crossover work done by an opera singer, we may actually have opera singers known by at least some of the public. Just look at the reception for Renee Fleming’s work, or even Joyce DiDonato’s attempts to modernize her recitals. “She shoudn’t talk to the audience,” critics wrote. SIgh. – See more at:

  • liloloperaluv says:

    SHe did leave a loyal, supportive wife who gave up her career to raise the children HE wanted. Worse, those 3 children have the example of a father that claims to value family and honesty while doing the opposite. Will his daughter gravitate toward men who betray her? Will his sons follow in his footsteps? Just pray he doesn’t have MORE children with the new (younger) woman. And, no it isn’t Madonna…

    • Martin says:

      Oh for god’s sake, who made you the moral arbiter of the world?!? People get divorced, marriages don’t always work out, that is not betrayal! In fact it would be more of a betrayal of his children to stay in an unhappy marriage!!

  • cath says:

    Christiane Lutz lives in Vienna and she is art director. She also plays a little part in the film of John Malkowich “Casanova Variations”… where Jonas have a little part…