Stevie Wonder remixes his life with symphony orchestra

Isn’t it lovely?

Stevie Wonder, 64, has gone 10 years without an album.

All his life, he walked the line  between blues and smooch in his orchestral accompaniments, finding cross-generational appeal in a distinctive sound. Now, he’s gone blue-rinse and booked a symphony orchestra. He’s also wooing Andrea Bocelli as a cake-topper to his career.

Not sure who’s the loser here. It might be all of us.

Stevie Wonder Honored With ASCAP American Troubadour Award

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  • I’m sorry, Norman; but the ignorance displayed in this post makes me weep. To define Stevie Wonder as having walked a line between blues and smooch all his life is, to say the least, wrong-headed. By whatever criteria you apply, he is a remarkable musician, a major cultural figure, and has done as much as anyone to define how the second half of the C20th sounded. And he and Jeff Beck wrote this together, so the man can do no wrong:

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