Stalin’s willing executioners

Stalin’s willing executioners


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2014

Rare and important research (in Russian) on Stalin’s death quads. Click here.


stalin's executioners


  • Susan Trexel says:

    Stalin’s quads were admittedly impressive, but his hamstrings and glutes were his real glory.

  • Milka says:

    Quads or no quads waiting for the
    putin watch dogs to come out…..

  • Lenotchka says:

    Ok. We get the message. Russians are openly writing, in Russian, about their dark past. Facing the past – without censorship, without flinching, without whitewashing it.
    What I am really waiting for, dear Mr. Lebrecht, is your invaluable
    insight into the opera glorifying Latvian Nazi executioner. It was staged in Riga, eliciting huge protests.The descendants of his victims came to the premiere wearing concentration camp clothes and yellow badges to make their point heard and seen. Associated Press considers it a big story – is it not a big enough story for a world-leading music news blog as yours certainly is? I can’t believe such a big story could just slip your attention.
    And as a cherry on a top – an informed opinion from our beloved Latvian critic of Kremlin, Gidons Kremers, please? He is also strangely silent on this subject.

  • Olaugh Turchev says:

    Perhaps SD would like to sponsor the long awaited and surprisingly never published English release of Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” so ALL involved in Bolshevik atrocities get their share of blame?

  • Neil McGowan says:

    Here are the “dear” Ukrainians – throwing an Asiatic woman in a dumpster and then closing the lid on her. No-one makes any attempt to stop this appalling racist assault by a bunch of right-wing Ukrainian nutters (chanting “long live Ukraine” as they assault her) on a lone woman.

    Eventually the cops show up – otherwise it’s unclear how this lynching would have ended.

    And this is daily life in Ukraine under the ‘government’ supported by Herrera, Milker, Borstlap, and other extremists on this site. The Ukrainian “government” propped up by Steinmeier & Merkel… and Mr Abbott, the Australian “leader”.

  • Milka says:

    And here they are !!! Neil , olaugh,
    lenotchka— bark , bark, bark. Right
    on time ….

    • Neil McGowan says:

      Right on cue – the apologists for fascist lynch-mobs crawl out of the woodwork.

      The posters who contribute NOTHING to the classical music debates, or even the political debates… but just post filthy ad-hominem paid-to-post garbage that pollutes this site.

  • Mark says:

    Because there is more than enough anti-Semitic garbage available in English already – Mr. Solzhenitsyn’s contribution is rather superfluous