Saved! Minister is ordered to reprieve doomed Danish orchestra

Saved! Minister is ordered to reprieve doomed Danish orchestra


norman lebrecht

November 11, 2014

The Danish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for a motion, ordering the minister of culture to prevent the national broadcaster, DR, from abolishing its chamber orchestra. A Conservative spokesman said: ‘It’s a cultural scandal that DR has axed the orchestra.’

Other parties echoed similar sentiments.

The debate in Parliament made several references to international reporting of the abolition (led by Slipped Disc) and to protests signed by musicians of the Metropolitan Opera orchestra (rallied by conductors Fabio Luisi and Adam Fischer), the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Philharmonic. No mention was made of the widely-watched video in which the players consumed chili peppers.

The minister is not legally obligated to obey the Parliamentary motion, but failure do so would, commentators say, seriously undermine her position. It looks like the orchestra has been saved.

Report here (in Danish).

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  • Mark Henriksen says:


  • Lendall says:

    Excellent work, Slipped Disc!

  • Neil McGowan says:

    Black eye to this Minister – forced by Parliament into having to do her job.

  • David Hutchings says:

    Inspiration, perhaps, for Ulster?

  • Lloyd Arriola says:

    This is fine news for a grey day here in New York City!

  • James Morgan says:

    This is BRILLIANT news, really hope it’s true. One of Europe’s finest chamber orchestras would be saved…….. fingers crossed (and everything else too)

  • H. J. Ostergaard says:

    The best news of the day. Hope it IS indeed true!