Salzburg coup: Cecilia renews to 2021

Bartoli, the brighest spark on the mountain, has made the Whitsun Festival her own.She signed a new contract today.


bartoli salzburg

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  • She is one of the very few artists around today who guarantees bums on seats. Rabl will probably not be in Salzburg that lang, but Hinterhäuser will be – and will certainly need that sort of commercial catalyst, since the Whitsun Festival opera production transfers to summer and will be a welcome source of income.

  • It is interesting that after Cleopatra in 2012 and Norma in 2013 she went back to La Cenerentola in 2014 and heads even further down to Gluck’s Iphigenie in 2015. Is she realising that she’s not really credible in soprano roles? I do hope so…

  • Her Cleopatra is really good though. I haven’t heard her live performance of Norma so I can’t say anything about that, but I like her CD recording. I love her Desdemona is Rossini’s Otello. Anyway, I don’t mind her turning back to mezzo roles at all.

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