Record gloom: Classical distributor collapses

Record gloom: Classical distributor collapses


norman lebrecht

November 29, 2014

T2 Entertainment, which took on many small labels in the Low Countries after Codaex went out of business 13 months ago, has followed its predecessor into oblivion.

The crash leaves a welter of labels without distribution in the crucial pre-Christmas month. Classical Music magazine reports that ex-EMI vet Theo Lap is trying to set up a new distribution  network on behalf of Brilliant Classics, one of the principal victims.

Lap’s own reissue label, Newton Classics, has bitten the dust.



  • Nick says:

    I wonder how many of these labels will be added to Naxos’ already considerable distribution list? If there is one thing in the article that Naxos cannot in any way be accused of, it is “a lot of distributors have not really been ahead of the game as regards to fulfilment for specific customers.”

  • Bill says:

    Who would still even think of creating a CD distribution company? It is not a business model that you would find many willing to invest in, except out of love for CDs. The business is a dying enterprise and Mr. Lap is off on a fool’s errand and should think twice before getting deeper into the demise of the CD business, if you can still even call it that. If anything, it will turn into a cottage business, much like antique dealers are today, but not a vibrant and active distribution network as he still envisions. One must know when to let go and pull the plug on a dying “patient”. The time has come. R.I.P.