New video: How to teach great conductors

Jorma Panula is widely considered the most successful teacher of budding conductors.

He’s 84 and every year he gives a Nordic Masterclass for conductors with the South Denmark Philharmonic.

Here’s a short doc on this week’s course.


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  • I think it’s the glass of white wine always within reach…Panula is certainly a positive force in the world of teaching young conductors. Bravo Maestro.

  • Well said Bob. Did you ever invite him to the Curtis Institute in any capacity? Would he not have been a step up from the Mueller Dynasty? Mueller prepped a few fine conductors and trained the orchestra quite well. But he was the sort of tyrant that is completely unacceptable by the modern society. It’s seems that Panula was fantastic and compassionate.

  • Interesting to see some women conductors working with him. There was quite a backlash to some comments he made on the topic not long ago.

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