New video: A Syrian child plays toy instrument on Istanbul street

Watch. Weep. Rage.

Click here.

boy flute

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  • The US invasions of Iraq led to about 3 million Iraqi refugees (counting both externally and internally displaced) and with all the suffering and death that implies. And now we see the rise of the Islamic State which is also partly related to the instability created by the invasions of Iraq. We should also remember the US role in creating the so-called Arab Spring and in maintaining the ensuing destabilization which has brought so much religious fanaticism, suffering, and death to people in the Middle East. These are things we might remember before pointing the finger at others.

    • Too professional video, not impromptu. Must have a covert message in there somewhere. Nice looking young boy, nice colours, excellent filming…

  • Well, if they did groom him for a video shoot, I hope they at least paid for his new flute.

    Babies snatched from incubators in Kuwait (Hill and Knowlton, wasn’t it?); Jessica Lynch — I think that scam was in-house. Doubtless others that we have swallowed (not to mention the Warren Commission report and all its magic bullets and lone gunman theories). Nope — no chance this could be staged.

    The brutal thing is, even if little Issa is not the worst-off of the refugees, assuming he is one (and I thought he looked very clean, too), there are thousands and thousands. I’m sure the motivation behind this film is not nearly as concerned with helping Syrian or other refugees as it is with making ISIL look bad. Well, gosh, USA, we all get that it is a Very. Bad. Thing. But I agree with both the preceding posts.

  • Actually the Warren Commission report holds up very well. The “magic bullet” theory is perfectly reasonable and has actually been replicated. The position of the limousine and Kennedy’s wounds are consistent with a single gunman shooting from the sixth floor of the Repository. All the conspiracy theories come from a species of mental illness or the desire to find that John F. Kennedy died for some higher reason than at the hands of a deranged Marxist loser (a triple redundancy, I know).

  • Not sure the House Assassinations Committee would agree with you. And there were all sorts of inconsistencies n Warren. Long time since I read it (and I read the shorter version), but there were all sorts of misplaced evidence and other procedural cock-ups that were inexplicable even in the agencies involved. Not a conspiracy theorist, but the finding was somewhat unsatisfactory.

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